Sunny Exercise/Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike Review

After a Winter of doing mostly weight lifting workouts, I started to feel like I needed to work some cardiovascular exercise into my fitness regimen.

In the past, my main sources of indoor cardiovascular exercise have been exercise bikes and rowing machines. Though I do like rowing machines, I really like the leg workout I get from cranking up the tension/friction on an indoor exercise bike. Also, I’ve typically discovered you can find used exercise bikes on Craig’s List for peanuts.

When I checked Craig’s List this time, I wasn’t finding any great deals on the type of exercise bike I prefer: the ones with a heavy metal spinning wheel and a caliper type pad that pushes against the wheel to provide resistance. (The heavy metal wheel gives a nice smooth pedaling action–due to the circular momentum it generates–that I like.)

In any case, I started looking around the Web for new or used exercise bikes with good reviews. That’s when I came upon the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike.

Sunny Exercise Bike

Sunny Exercise Bike

It was under $125 (not too different from what people on Craig’s List were charging for similar used bikes) and got really good reviews..and lots of them! And if you’re a Amazon Prime member (like me), you get free shipping. (Note: the price has gone up recently, but it’s still a good deal under $140).

So I ordered one and it arrived in about 3 days.


The exercise bike comes partially assembled; but some assembly is still required.

The instructions for assembly are pretty well done and all the tools you need are included. The smaller parts you need for each step are put into separate plastic bags and tagged with the applicable step number referenced in the instructions (this is a great idea!).

It took me approximately 45 minutes to assemble it, and I’m in no way fast at assembling anything…:p.


The exercise bike comes with an “exercise computer” (batteries included) that mounts on the handle bar and tells you things like speed, time, distance, and calories burned. I truly doubt it can give you a very good estimate of calories burned when it really doesn’t know the resistance you’re using. The only useful information to me is the Time: I typically do a 30-minute session and dial up the resistance enough to be pretty exhausted by the end of those 30 minutes.

The pedals have toe clips (to help keep your feet from slipping off the pedals) which some people will like and others won’t. They don’t bother me.

A caveat: I’m only about 5’9″ and my legs aren’t particularly long, yet I’ve got the seat at nearly the highest height (i.e., the seat height is adjustable). If you’re tall and/or have long legs, you may not be able to get the seat high enough to comfortably fit you.


So far, I’ve done two 30-minute sessions. The wheel spins smoothly, I’m able to get plenty of friction from the resistance caliper, and both the seat (not too small or too large) and the rubber-covered handle bars are comfortable. It seems quite solid (not ticky-tacky) and doesn’t make much noise (especially if you’ve got it on a solid surface, like a basement floor).

In all, I’m very satisfied with the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike (especially for the price) and would recommend it to others wanting an inexpensive but good quality exercise bike for home use..:-).


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New Underwear Affiliations

To financially support the time and expense of creating and maintaining the Mike’s Fit After 50 website and Twitter account, I have set up some affiliate accounts.

Most other fitness-oriented online businesses are pushing supplements, exercise equipment, and/or fitness DVDs or ebooks.

While I’ve done some of that, an affiliation I find more unique, interesting, and yet still fitness-related, is my affiliation with Underwear Sellers. I think cool and sexy underwear is a great reward for keeping yourself in shape! Such underwear can also serve as an excellent goal or motivation for getting into shape.

In any case, I’ve got two new affiliations with Underwear sellers that I think are damn great:

Underwear Nation Mens underwear sale

Please check them out and buy yourself (or someone you know) some nice new underwear!

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One of the Best Back Muscle Exercises

Either freestanding bent over at the waist, or supported chest-down on a weight bench, back flies are one of the best exercises for back muscle development…

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Recontextualizing Exercise

Many people view exercise as an optional, time-permitting activity. When life gets busy, exercise is one of the first things to fall to the wayside because it has been assigned a relatively low priority.

Now it’s true that no one is forcing you to exercise or else they’ll take away your food, clothing, or housing, as may be the case with your income-producing job.

However there are lots of things most people do in their lives without such consequences–e.g., mowing your lawn, cleaning your apartment or house, watching television, going to the library, buying new stuff at the mall, playing games, playing with gadgets, etc etc.

Most people make sure to take care of their health & hygiene by: brushing their teeth & flossing, cleaning themselves, shaving themselves, taking vitamins, taking medicine when necessary, laundering their linens & clothing, and so on.

If you consider the many health and well-being benefits of regular exercise, it’s easy to make a case for exercise being a necessity rather than an option if you care about your health and the quality of your life.

So if you’re someone for whom exercise tends to be a haphazard option, I would suggest ‘recontextualizing’ exercise as something you make time for–rather than something you do if you have time for it–so that it gets done on a regular basis.

When exercise is done on a regular basis, it has the best chance of impacting your life in a significantly positive fashion and being well worth the time and effort you put into it.

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