I sort of  ‘invented’ this pushup variation  in my quest to do effective workouts without a gym when traveling. (I haven’t seen anyone else mention this sort of pushup online, but it’s possible it’s out there somewhere..).

Why the “downward slant pushup”?

  1. You’re working with more weight because more of your body’s weight is distributed toward your upper body
  2. It works your upper chest more than a horizontal pushup does (similar to an inclined bench press)
  3. Your shoulders get more of a workout…especially the taller the support is under your feet

This variation doesn’t replace the normal horizontal pushup, but is a good addition for extra upper chest and shoulder work.

So if you’re looking for another exercise you can do almost anywhere that gives some extra ‘oomph’ to your upper body (chest and shoulders), give the downward slant pushup a try and see if you like it!

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