New Feature: Posting & Sharing Fitness Selfies

We’ve started a new forum at our website specifically for the free sharing of fitness selfies!

People in your social media streams may not always appreciate it when you share your #selfies, #gymselfies, or #underwearselfies with them. But here, we not only welcome it, we encourage it!

In addition to the selfie photo itself, we’d love if you would provide an indication of your age and the fitness program you follow. That way we can encourage and help each other in our fitness programs, especially when we find people in similar age groups or following similar programs.

So, tell your fitness friends and have fun with it!

[Mike’s Fit After 50 Fitness Selfie Forum]

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Brand New, Members-Only Fitness Forum

So we’ve decided to start a members-only Fitness Forum here at Mike’s Fit After 50!

The purpose of the forum is to create a community of 40 – 60+ years and older individuals interested in staying physically fit. In the forum, we will share fitness stories and information, fitness questions, post information and photos of our progress, and so forth. Mike will be make a concerted effort to respond to every post.

This is a closed forum only accessible by Mike’s Fit After 50 members.

Check it out (click here)!

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