Recontextualizing Exercise

Many people view exercise as an optional, time-permitting activity. When life gets busy, exercise is one of the first things to fall to the wayside because it has been assigned a relatively low priority.

Now it’s true that no one is forcing you to exercise or else they’ll take away your food, clothing, or housing, as may be the case with your income-producing job.

However there are lots of things most people do in their lives without such consequences–e.g., mowing your lawn, cleaning your apartment or house, watching television, going to the library, buying new stuff at the mall, playing games, playing with gadgets, etc etc.

Most people make sure to take care of their health & hygiene by: brushing their teeth & flossing, cleaning themselves, shaving themselves, taking vitamins, taking medicine when necessary, laundering their linens & clothing, and so on.

If you consider the many health and well-being benefits of regular exercise, it’s easy to make a case for exercise being a necessity rather than an option if you care about your health and the quality of your life.

So if you’re someone for whom exercise tends to be a haphazard option, I would suggest ‘recontextualizing’ exercise as something you make time for–rather than something you do if you have time for it–so that it gets done on a regular basis.

When exercise is done on a regular basis, it has the best chance of impacting your life in a significantly positive fashion and being well worth the time and effort you put into it.

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New Feature: Posting & Sharing Fitness Selfies

We’ve started a new forum at our website specifically for the free sharing of fitness selfies!

People in your social media streams may not always appreciate it when you share your #selfies, #gymselfies, or #underwearselfies with them. But here, we not only welcome it, we encourage it!

In addition to the selfie photo itself, we’d love if you would provide an indication of your age and the fitness program you follow. That way we can encourage and help each other in our fitness programs, especially when we find people in similar age groups or following similar programs.

So, tell your fitness friends and have fun with it!

[Mike’s Fit After 50 Fitness Selfie Forum]

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